Dial ‘S’ for style: Kicking it off with shoes

Your shoes make a lasting impression, so wear nifty, stylish footwear always. This article explains how to put your best foot forward always.

Contrary to popular belief, your clothes and accessories are not the things that make a lasting impression about you – it’s what you’re wearing on your feet! Think about it – how many times have you looked over at a well-dressed person and then taken a look at their shoes? If their shoes are scruffy or sporting a style of long ago, your impression of them subtly changes.

The same logic applies to you. What do people see when they take a look at your shoes? Do they see a man clued in to the latest fashion trends, or do they see a man wearing old footwear in a boring style? If it’s the latter, it’s time to up your game. That’s easy to do, with our simple guide to what’s hot in footwear this year, from men’s sandals to exercise shoes:

* Formal shoes. Formal shoes are necessary for the office and also for social events like wedding receptions, where you would wear a suit. Formal shoes lend themselves well to fitted trousers and shirts too. The basic rule of buying formal shoes is to match them with your belt colour. Get a few pairs in black, brown and tan – these colours go with most of your clothing, so you don’t have to match your shoes exactly with your trousers or belt.

* Sandals. Most guys own a pair of men’s sandals, though the old style favoured by your grandpa or dad should just retire quietly. New styles in sandals help you look chic without trying too hard to impress. But never pair men’s sandals with formal trousers, or even baggy pants because the look is just too shabby. Sandals are best worn with shorts and tees. Certain types of sandals for men look great with a kurta churidar ensemble too.

* Sneakers. A casual ensemble calls for the best footwear to match: sneakers. Get a stylish new pair of sneakers to go with all your casual clothing, from shorts and tees to denim jeans and fitted shirts. Instead of a staid black or white pair of sneakers, try a jazzy shade like electric blue or even scarlet. Just like sandals for men, there are many options in sneakers when you buy them from leading fashion sites.

* Training shoes.These are shoes that you wear to the gym or for outdoor workouts comprising a mix of both weight training and cardio. They provide adequate foot support and cushioning on all areas of the feet. Look for training shoes from reputed brands only, which are known for the scientific design of their footwear.

Which styles are you picking? Be sure to shop online from the best fashion sites to get great deals on the most premium brands.