How To Give Clients The Eyebrows Of The Stars

Customers are walking into beauty salons wishing for the bold brows of stars and celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian, Lily Collins and Emilia Clarke. They don’t need a team of makeup artists or millions of dollars to get this look — if you are a beauty professional, there is one simple way you can give those customers the exact eyebrows that they want.

Celebrities manage to have such thick, full and perfectly-arched eyebrows because they have had microblading done. The treatment is a form of semi-permanent makeup where a technician essentially tattoos fine pigmented blades onto the client’s brow-line. The thin blades are made to mimic the eyebrow hair so that they blend in and appear natural from a distance. Customers who get microbladed eyebrows can enjoy the results for much longer than any other brow treatment — the results of the procedure can last for upto three years before the pigment fades. The fading of the semi-permanent makeup depends on the skin-type of the customer and the amount of after-care they commit to — those who have oilier skin may notice the pigment fading faster than someone without it.

If you don’t know how to microblade eyebrows, you can sign up for courses with Lashforever Canada to get trained and certified in no-time. Lashforever Canada is a top-rated training facility within the beauty industry that continues to help professionals adapt to changing trends and succeed in a competitive market. Beginners with no prior experience are encouraged to take the four-day microblading course in order to get hands-on experience and learn techniques of every aspect of the procedure from client consultation to aftercare. Under the tutelage of seasoned technicians, you will become a microblading expert in a matter of days and be able to use a personal microblading kit to make substantial profits within the year.

The best part about microblading is that its sole purpose doesn’t have to be filling in sparse brows — committed technicians can make sure to lengthen a short brow, create more symmetry, define the arch and clean up the overall shape. It’s easy to notice these microbladed changes when you look through photos of celebrity eyebrows and compare them to photos from their pasts —many of them have updated their brows to match the current fashion and to better suit their bone structure. For instance, the actress Angelina Jolie previously had short brows from years of plucking and waxing — she now has subtle microblading to extend her brow so that it still looks soft and natural. Even minimal issues can be solved with this innovative treatment so that every customer can have polished, shapely and healthy-looking brows.

If you get trained and certified by leading beauty technicians, you will be able to provide customers with the celebrity brows that they have fantasized about. In a single appointment, you can help these customers look as beautiful and polished as the Hollywood stars they admire.