Learn About Permanent Teeth Dental Implants And Teeth Restoration

You may have been afraid to smile for fear of being laughed at due to the missing or damaged teeth or you may have been suffering due to your ineffective old dentures. The answer to all your worries and suffering is a dental implant. Permanent teeth dental implants are a boon to all the people suffering from missing a single, multiple or all of their teeth.

Permanent teeth dental implants

Permanent teeth dental implant is the base or root on which the replica of your real teeth is restored. A real tooth has two parts, the visible part known as crown and the invisible part that is under the crown is root. The root anchors the teeth in place and passes to the gum tissues.

The loss of tooth means the loss of both root and crown. The replacement process of the teeth starts with replacing the roots. A titanium root is placed into the socket created by the dentist that replaces the original root of the lost teeth.

Process of dental implanting

When you approach a dental clinic like centre d’implants St-Onge for a dental implant, your mouth is thoroughly examined by a specialist. Your medical and dental history is reviewed to decide the need for dental implant. The dental X-rays and the X-ray of your jaw are taken to evaluate your jawbone for the feasibility of the implant. The entire process is executed in two parts –

  • Surgery and
  • Teeth restoration

The Surgery

This part will be done in following steps

  • You need to start taking the prescribed medications prior to the surgery.
  • Some form of local anesthetic will be used to numb the area where implants will be placed
  • A small incision is made to the gum tissue to reveal the bone, where a socket is created using specialized equipments.
  • The Titanium implant is then placed into the socket. Afterward, if needed, sutures will be used.

Teeth restoration

Specialized impressions are taken to replicate your mouth and the bite records are created to understand the working of your upper and lower jaws. On the basis of this information, the abutments or support posts are chosen to attach your replacement teeth to the permanent implants. These steps are taken after your mouth is completely healed from the surgery.

Replacement of your natural teeth with permanent dental implants acts as real teeth and requires minimal of maintenance. After having the teeth restoration you can begin to enjoy the simple pleasures of life that were forbidden to you when your teeth were missing or damaged. It allows you to eat and talk normally as well as to regain your lost smile.