Looking For a Less Painful Option for Varicose Veins, Consider Traitement De Varices Au Laser

A laser is a focused light beam and treatment of varicose veins is done by using a laser. The heat of the laser damages a vein causing scar tissue and this scar tissue closes the vein. Thus, it focuses blood source and dies and you will notice the vein disappears after a year or two. The traitement de varices au laser is done on the skin outside so that the spider veins are cured and also the tiny varicose veins get into the surface of the skin. Generally, there is a need for more than one laser and these are to be given 6 to 12 weeks as recommended by the doctor.

Laser is considered for varicose veins treatment as it is less painful in comparison to the stripping and vein ligation that has a small recovery time. In ligation and stripping a local anesthesia is given to sleep and for laser treatment a light sedative or local anesthesia is given.

What to Expect

Following the treatment means the recovery is short. You may return to the daily routine after the laser simple treatment.

Simple laser treatment is appropriate only for tiny varicose veins or for small spider veins.  This is appropriate even after a large varicose vein as a second treatment step. Here, a larger varicose vein may close the varicose larger vein.

How does it work?

Simple laser treatment is found to be effective in the past 20 years. This laser treatment type is effective and safe. Ensure to get it done from an experienced doctor. The risks or side effects include:  Skin coloring changes, skin burns, etc.

The fact is that the feeling of pain, burning or prickling after the recovery from the nerve damage is less likely. Thus, if you find blood clotting large or small in deep vein or in the vein, you may consider the laser treatment. However, before hiring get to know the experience of the doctor in using the laser so that you have less risk.

What to consider

In case you are thinking of laser treatment, you must ask some questions about this treatment. The questions include how much do the treatment and the exam cost, how much is the experience that the doctor you want has in handling such a particular treatment and what are the success rates. Finally, how many treatments will be required as per the doctor’s opinion should be known.