Refrain From Mixing Alcohol with Steroids to Avoid Dangerous Side Effects

Mixing steroids and alcohol is a dreadful idea and can prove to be fatal sometimes. It is very difficult to make up your mind to follow a routine that is unknown and new to you. And you will harm your routine with alcohol.

If you are on steroids to enhance your body performance, it is very necessary to stay away from alcohol. The natural functions of steroids can impact your body in different ways.

Drinking alcohol while on steroids will have negative effects on your body. This will also decrease the capacity of the drug. Testosterone is naturally produced in a man’s body and your body is the master who looks after various changes in the body.

When alcohol is introduced to your system, the harmony is disturbed and becomes much more dangerous if you are on steroids. This affects your body’s metabolism.

What can happen if I mix steroids and alcohol?

  • Well, your liver will be damaged. It becomes a disaster when the liver has to filter alcohol as well as steroids. Liver is precious, just like other organs and avoid exposing it to risks
  • Muscles will begin to deteriorate due to dehydration because steroids cause dehydration normally and mixing it with alcohol is like a double bonanza on new year’s eve
  • Alcohol disturbs various bodily processes, including muscle growth. With the intake of steroids you will not be benefitted even to the slightest due to alcohol
  • You will encounter gastrointestinal problems along with stomach ulcer
  • Even if you are applying testosterone gel topically and consume alcohol, this can be futile. Testim and AndroGel are the most common gels

Fatal side effects

Alcohol and steroids together can contribute to extremely serious side effects like high blood pressure, heartburn, chest pain, pancreatitis, harsh headaches, Hemoptysis etc. These side effects start with symptoms like alteration in your mood and behavior, insomnia, giddiness etc.

Over the counter steroids and prescription steroids are generally used. Prescription steroids are only given if the extent of testosterone production is absent or utterly little. Alcohol not only causes side effects while on steroids, it also causes side effects with most of the common medicines.

Consuming alcohol along with steroids brings out physical changes as well as mental and emotional changes. Every time you think of drinking alcohol, remind yourself that your body was unable to produce the required testosterone and you are inducing testosterone physically with a high dosage.

Stay conscious and cautious of your activities while on steroids because it is no use of ‘’crying over spilled milk’’