The Pros and Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

As the name suggests, clip in hair extensions are clipped onto your natural hair, giving you longer locks in an instant.

The clips used with these types of extensions come in an array of widths so that they can be used on different areas of the head such as in front or behind the ear.

Clip in hair extensions are a great way to achieve fuller, longer hair without having to grow your own hair out or commit to permanent hair extensions.

A lot of women choose this hair extension option when they need longer hair in a hurry or want to try a new hairstyle for a special occasion.

If you’re considering clip in extensions, you’re probably wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of this hair extension option. This is what you need to know.

Pros of Clip In Extensions

  • They won’t damage your natural hair as much as other extension options
  • There’s no need to schedule an appointment at a professional salon as they can easily be applied right at home
  • They’re relatively cost-effective but this depends on the quality of the hair
  • They’re not permanent so there’s no need to commit to having longer hair and you can take them out at home as soon as you’re done with them

Overall, clip in extensions are incredibly convenient, especially since you don’t need to pay for additional maintenance services from a professional.

They’re the perfect way to try a glamorous new hairstyle without having to grow your hair and once they’re attached to your natural hair, they’re virtually invisible. This is, however, dependent on the length of your natural hair and whether you know how to apply the extensions correctly.

Cons of Clip In Extensions

  • Clip in extensions are usually made with synthetic hair and are low-quality, which is why people prefer to purchase Jadore tape extensions online as they are made with 100% Remy hair
  • Depending on how experienced you are at clipping the hair extension in, it could look quite obvious that there’s one in place
  • Since they’re a cheaper hair extension option, they don’t always look as natural
  • It’s really easy for clip in extensions to fall out
  • Low-quality hair means they will only last for several months
  • Clip in hair extensions aren’t as versatile in terms of updos

Unfortunately, since clip in extensions can easily be pulled out, it could also catch some of your natural hair in the clip and pull that out too.

Also, if your hair is particularly short, clip in extensions can easily be spotted.

Cost of clip in hair extensions

The cost of your clip in extensions will depend on where you purchase them, the length of the extensions, the type of hair that’s used and how many extensions you require to achieve your desired look.

There are some hair extension suppliers who create clip in extensions with 100% Remy hair, which is the ideal option if you want high-quality, natural-looking results.