Things to Consider On your First Visit to Orthodontist

Whether it’s about repairing your broken jaw or fixing your broken teeth only an Orthodontist can help you out. This guide will brief you about certain things you need to keep in mind before visiting an Orthodontist.

Things to Consider

  • Knowledge About the Procedure – It’s important that before you visit an Orthodontist you gain complete knowledge about the procedure. Such information includes benefits and risks associated with it. It will also help you to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the procedure. Knowledge about the procedure will also help you to consider the time and pain involved in the surgery.
  • Transportation Arrangements – Make necessary arrangements for pick up and drop for the surgery. You need to note that after the surgery you will not be able to drive the car on your own. You can ask the person who came to drop you for the surgery to sit in the clinic when you are undergoing the treatment.

After the treatment, you will not be able to drive your vehicle due to the effect of anesthesia. Moreover, if your kids are small, you should call somebody for help till you recover. Since it’s about your health, you shouldn’t take any risk.

  • About Eating – If your Orthodontist is using intravenous anesthetic sedation or general anesthetic, it’s important to follow preoperative instructions carefully. Most of the orthodontists advise their patients not to drink or eat anything 7 hours prior to surgery.

You can have light meal like snacks, chips two to three hours prior to the surgery if, in case the oral surgery requires you to take anesthetic. It is also essential to brush your teeth before the appointment. Moreover, prior to the surgery you should not smoke for minimum 12 hours. Also, you should not smoke for minimum one day after the surgery.

  • Dress To Wear – Since you are going for a surgery, it’s important that you wear comfortable, short-sleeved and loose fitting dress. Though the staff and the surgeon try their best to prevent your clothes from staining, you should still wear something which will not get ruined during the treatment.

Besides this, make sure that you are not wearing any jewellery since you are required to remove it before the treatment. Remove the contact lenses before the treatment since your eyes will remain closed during the surgery. In case, you are looking for professional Orthodontics treatment at affordable cost visit


Hope this guide has briefed you about certain simple tips to make your visit a great success.