What Does Every Printing Company Need To Know From You?

Almost every label printing company will require the same information for any job you bring to them. They will ask for vector artwork which is dependent upon the type of the product, which is a file designed in a vector based program like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and it has an .ai, .eps, or .pdf file extension (make sure that the PD is an editable PDF). Vector is the best file type for printing purposes. You may not be able to access a vector-based file on your own personal computer until and unless you have a similar design program installed in your computer system.

The company will probably ask for PMS values for color matching purposes. This is vital information to provide if color is a priority to you. If the designer did not make the design with the help of PMS values, ask for CMYK values. The design should not have been made in RGB unless and until the design has only ever used on the internet. Even if there is a little probability, you might want to utilize the design for print, it should be designed in CMYK with PMS values assigned to each color.

Your vector artwork should always be provided to the company with all the texts and fonts in outlines. If there are any changes, just in case, you will need to find out the new font name. Ask your designer for all and any font names used in the vector design.

It is also a good practice to receive a .tif and a .jpg from the designer. Ensure that these files are in high resolution bitmaps and are large enough to print just in case if any situation arises. At minimum, the files should be at least 300 dpi. It is also beneficial to receive low resolution copies of these bitmap files so that it can be useful in the email signatures or on your company website. Low resolution websites are generally about 72 dpi. They are ideal for the web, but not suitable for printing purposes.

When you hire a professional graphic design to create a design for the company label or for you, ensure that they can provide you with all the necessary information you will require to provide your print company. Having this input on file with you can save you a lot of headaches and stress down the road if just in case your professional designer is unreachable, or the worst, moves on.

Make sure you deliberately receive the following things from your professional graphic designer:

  1. Any and all of the font names used or to be used in the design.
  2. PMS values and CMYK values for all colors used in the design.
  3. Vector based files of your design. No matter what file extension it is(.ai, .eps, or .pdf)
  4. High resolution and low resolution bitmaps of the design(preferably .tif or .gif)

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