What to Do About Hyperpigmentation

If you have recently been injured and had an inflamed wound, then it is very possible that you have suffered from hyperpigmentation after your wound healed. Rather than your skin healing with your normal pigmentation and colour, when hyperpigmentation occurs, an increase in pigment in your skin changes its colour. This can be very frustrating for people to deal with as it results in skin that is a different colour and it is almost impossible to treat without professional help. When deep layers of the skin are affected by this change, it is important to rely on experts to help you address this problem and reverse the changes.

Wounds on the Face

It is very common for hyperpigmentation to appear on the face due to wounds from acne and razor cuts. While the skin heals it produces chemicals that are called cytokines that not only help to produce new skin, but can also stimulate the production of melanin. Unfortunately, it is this excess production of melanin that results in a discolouration of the skin around the wound. Exposure to sunlight after the production of this melanin will cause it to become even darker, resulting in hyperpigmentation.

What to Do About This Problem

While many people want to believe in at-home treatment for hyperpigmentation, the best hyperpigmentation treatment in Singapore will be performed by a professional. There are a few different options for patients to choose from, depending on the severity of their hyperpigmentation and what side effects they are comfortable with. One of the most popular treatments is microdermabrasion, as this treatment gently exfoliates top layers of the skin and removes them using a gentle suction. While this is a very gentle treatment, it can still result in skin redness, swelling, and even further discolouration.

Other great treatment options include the use of topical retinoid creams, facials, and chemical peels. Facials can easily be customised to ensure the best possible result for each patient. Chemical peels, while they tend to have a great end result, are very intensive and can be painful. By exfoliating multiple layers of skin, a professional is able to hasten the skin lightening using harsh chemicals. There are a number of side effects, including additional skin discolouration, blistering, and irritation.

Getting Professional Help

The best way to deal with hyperpigmentation safely is to rely on an expert, as they will be able to tell you how to deal with this problem. It is important that your treatment plan is customised to meet your needs so that you do not experience more side effects than necessary.

Getting treatment for your hyperpigmentation can improve your self esteem at the same time that your skin is lightened and treated. Relying on a professional will ensure that you get the perfect treatment for your particular needs and that you are more likely to have success.