Your Comprehensive Guide For Ordering Custom Stickers!

Regardless of whether you are selling something or want to just pledge your support for a cause, custom stickers are a great tool by all means. In this post, we will talk about designing your own stickers, types of stickers you can buy, process of ordering and other relevant details.

Designing stickers

Thanks to Photoshop, creating custom stickers isn’t hard at all, and most vendors help customers in getting the design right as per their requirements. Before you go for final edit, make sure that the artwork is right and get rid of all the additional space or details around the artwork. The file formats can differ, and in case of stickers, vector files are usually preferred. Some of the examples of vector files include EPS, AI, PDF, and SVG. Next, you have to consider the resolution. Just like pictures, better resolution means better stickers. Consider 300dpi as the minimum for decent quality stickers.

Types of stickers

If you are printing stickers in smaller quantities, you can go for either kiss cut or die cut stickers. Die cut stickers are designed to match the exact shape of the artwork and are ideal when you want to handover stickers to people for easy use. In case of kiss cut stickers, the sticker is printed on a vinyl sheet, so when you peel off the sticker, there is some backing vinyl material left. Kiss cut stickers are great for using many stickers in the same sheer and are extremely easy to peel off. Additionally, you can also print wall decals and car stickers too.

Finding a vendor

There are many vendors for custom stickers but find one that’s great with support and deals with most options. The best sticker sellers deal in custom sizes, and you can choose to get any format that you want. In terms of colors, some may use CMYK colors, while others can use Pantone. Both can be matched for one another, so it’s not a problem. What needs more attention is whether you can get the right price. Check for bulk orders and if there’s a discount for the same. The delivery time is another aspect one must note and ask in advance. Make sure that you have checked the estimate in advance.

If you are printing custom stickers, try and get innovative with your designs and ideas. You can even talk to the vendor for ideas.